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Care Indeed’s VR Training Program utilizes innovative technology to simulate caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia-related diagnoses—in an effort to increase care quality and improve patient health.

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we developed VR Training

In addition to proper diagnosis and treatment, mastering the best practices to appropriately care for individuals with complex behaviors requires hands-on experience. Curated by experts in the Geriatric and Memory Care fields, our cost-effective, safe, virtual training environments help prevent bottlenecks in staff development and mitigate risks during COVID-19 restrictions. Training can take place virtually anytime, anyplace.

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Feature Hightlights

• 360 Immersive Experience
• Professionally Designed Scenarios
• Engaging Learning Design
[How] VR Training Benefits Your business
Simulates Real Client Interactions

Experience real interactions with virtual clients to see how their demeanor changes based on the learner’s responses and interactions.

Develop Your Teams Specialized Skill Sets, Empathy & Confidence

Equip your team with the tools and techniques needed to master effective care for older adults living with Alzheimer’s Disease and similar cognitive impairments.

Engaging Learning Environments

Combine traditional classroom methodologies with real-life field experiences, to create unforgettable training experiences.

Would you like to learn more?
Step 1 - Schedule An Appointment

Our training experts can help evaluate and determine the most suitable training solutions for your business and staff development needs. You can reach us out for a demo, either onsite or remote.

Step 2 - Receive VR Program Materials

All VR headsets and program materials shipped right to you at your facility or place of business, with instructional guides that will help you understand how these innovative pieces of technology operate.

Step 3 - Implement Training Program

With individual headsets, your staff can train on their own time, instead of in large groups. Our LMS can even provide performance scores and tracking.

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