Dementia Care

With CI-VR, family caregivers can bolster their experience by instantly immersing themselves in simulated caregiving environments. Here, they can interact with and learn from dementia clients in a training paradigm that offers all the benefits of hands-on experience, and none of the risk.

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we developed VR Training

Caring for individuals with complex behaviors requires hands-on experience. They type of experience that most family caregivers do not already have. Our portable VR units offer innovative instructional content curated by experts in the Geriatric and Memory Care fields to provide you with learning situations that are safe, yet realistic. VR training puts individuals into real-world situations which offer a more memorable and engaging training experience than video or text-based learning materials, while bringing a new level of understanding this complex and emotional type of caregiving.

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“Since implementing the program, the responses from our caregivers have been incredible. Immersive experiences are leaving a lasting impression on their approach to caring for dementia clients.”


Vanessa Valerio
RN, COO, and VP for Patient Care
[How] VR Training Benefits You
Simulates Real Interactions

Experience real interactions with virtual senior individuals to see how their demeanor changes based on your responses and interactions.

Develop Confidence & Expand Specialized Skill Sets

Master the skills you need to effectively care for your loved one living with Alzheimer’s Disease and similar cognitive impairments.

Engaging Learning Environments

Combining traditional classroom methodologies with real-life interactions to create unforgettable learning experiences and improve your caregiving techniques.

Would you like to learn more?
Step 1 - Schedule An Appointment

Reach out to our Direct Care team. We will walk you through your needs, help pick the best service, and schedule the arrival of your training materials.

Step 2 - Receive VR Program Materials

Once you receive the VR device, you can contact us for a walk-through on how to get started. It arrives charged and ready to go! We also include a quick set up guide to get you on your way.

Step 3 - Training at Your Home

You can go through the training on your schedule in the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions, you can always reach out. When you are done, simply drop off the package in the mail .

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