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Mastering the best practices to care for individuals with complex behaviors appropriately requires hands-on experience. Our VR program will provide you with all the necessary training you need to support clients with Alzheimer’s and dementia-related diagnoses.

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We developed VR Training

We believe the professional development of staff should always be the top priority for home care agencies - as caregivers provide the foundation for what we do. Dementia patients will inevitably experience behavioral challenges, emotional outbursts, and even mood swings, and we must provide caregivers with the right opportunities to learn how to respond most effectively.

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“Since implementing the program, the responses from our caregivers have been incredible. Immersive experiences are leaving a lasting impression on their approach to caring for dementia clients.”


Vanessa Valerio
RN, COO, and VP for Patient Care
[How] VR Training Benefits You
Simulates Real Client Interactions

Experience real interactions with virtual clients to see how their demeanor changes based on your responses and interactions.

Develop Specialized Skill Sets & Confidence

Master the skills you need to effectively care for older adults living with Alzheimer’s Disease and similar cognitive impairments.

Engaging Learning Environments

Combining traditional classroom methodologies with real-life field experiences, create unforgettable training experiences.

Would you like to learn more?
Step 1 - Skills Evaluation

Our training experts can help evaluate and determine the most suitable training solutions for your level of expertise.

Step 2 - Schedule Training

Care Indeed will help guide you through the steps in preparation for the program, including schedule coordination, what to expert, and the provision of educational materials.

Step 3 - Training Completion

Our portable VR program offered in multiple offices allows you the flexibility to tailor training to the schedule and location that best fits your work needs.

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